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02 Jul 2012
Name-Change Explanatory
56_warchetype.jpg Last year in 2011, I decided to change my artist name to 'WARCHETYPE', after long and careful consideration. Since then, people have been asking me questions about this matter, be it through E-mail, Facebook or in real life. Questions like:

- Why did I change my name?
- What does Warchetype mean?
- Is it just a new alias or will it entirely replace Mental Wreckage?
- Why is Mental Wreckage still present on some line-ups?
- What's up with "Warchetype a.k.a. Mental Wreckage"; can't make up your mind?

Apparently there is still some confusion about this matter. Because of this, I'm writing this explanatory to answer all of these questions.

Reason(s) for the name-change:
* I personally think that an artist name has to tell something about the person behind it. Nowadays, the name 'MENTAL WRECKAGE' simply doesn't fit my state of mind anymore. Besides, I always thought it sounded a bit too emo, especially for outsiders.

* Also, when the SYMP.TOM record label came to an end, a few other things in my personal life also changed at nearly the same time. So it was as if a whole chapter ended for me as well. I had been thinking about taking on a new name for a while, and this was a good opportunity to do so.

After being active in the music scene for quite a while now (I've been active as Mental Wreckage for 9 years), I do realize that not everyone has learned about my name change yet. Therefore, I will temporarily use both names as a whole ('WARCHETYPE A.K.A. MENTAL WRECKAGE') until most people have gotten used to it. This applies to both my DJ-Bookings at music events as well as to any new releases, Podcast Mixes etc. It also prevents me from having to start my music reputation all over again from scratch.

* As for some of the line-ups; when I changed my name in August 2011, I was already booked for certain specific events at the time. After that, some event promotors also didn't know about the name change, so my old name still got placed on their line-ups.

What does the name 'Warchetype' mean?
It's a combination of two words; WAR and ARCHETYPE. According to the dictionary, WAR means 'conflict or a state of strong opposition' while ARCHETYPE means 'an original model or pattern; prototype'. I have an obstinate nature and I'm also focused towards being original, so I think the name suits me. :)

Note: I also have to give a bit of credit to Guido de Beer (from Syndemic); it was one of his projects' titles that gave me the original inspiration for the combined name.

Any new or unreleased material that previously appeared in my Podcast Mixes as Mental Wreckage (for example, the tracks 'Unusual', 'Out of Light' and my remix of 'Devil on Earth'), will now be released as Warchetype.

Warchetype has its own Social Media pages as well:
24 Sep 2017
New Release: Lawaai Remixes

69_DD16088.jpg After a 5-year recording hiatus, my new release is out.. Grab it now! Press release: Industrial hardcore will never die - Dark. Descent. revisits its own roots with this look back at a track that appeared on a 12" in 2005 on Symp.tom – which could arguably called the Dark. Descent. predecessor. "Lawaai" (i.e. "Noise") is a more than appropriate title for this scorching classic with its distinct analogue sound modulation. Of course the original ... Read more
22 Mar 2016
Update: Upcoming material!

It's been a while since I posted some updates about my upcoming material.. so this is a perfect opportunity. As some of you know, several releases are fully or almost ready. Some have been for a long time, even. But I've been holding them out deliberately, despite earlier posts. Unfortunately, for those who didn't know yet, I've been having health-related issues for a long while, that interfere with finishing stuff up or adding some proper fin ... Read more
20 Mar 2015
Announcement regarding DJ-Bookings

67_mw.jpg Now that my Defqon.1 performance has been made public, I also have another announcement to make: As most of you know, last year I decided to take a break from DJ-ing. I needed this time off to re-evaluate certain priorities & goals in life, as I have changed a lot over the course of the years. I've been pondering things like: Who am I really? What do I really want in life? Do I do certain things because I genuine like it / because others want me ... Read more
19 Mar 2015
Defqon.1 Festival

66_defqon.jpg Hell yes! After the edition of 2010, I'm proud to announce that I'm back to play @ this year's Defqon.1 Festival! Expect to hear some of my new material. ... Read more
09 Sep 2014
Podcast @ Third Movement Radio

65_t3rdm.jpg Be sure to tune in @ Third Movement Radio tomorrow evening from 20:00-21:00 (CET) to check out my new podcast at the Dark Menace Show. This special podcast is 100% own material and will showcase my best work from 2004-2014, containing a few brand new tracks as well! [url][/url] [url][/url] ... Read more
23 Feb 2013
Hardshock Festival 2013

64_hardshock2013.jpg I will be playing at the Industrial Stage @ Hardshock Festival (27 April, Wijthemenerplas, Zwolle), along with The Outside Agency, Deathmachine, Petrochemical, Omkara Techichi, Cemon Victa and many others. Read the (Dutch) press release @ [url][/url] ... Read more
14 Jan 2013
Into the Dark Lands

63_itdl.jpg On Saturday 9 February, the dark and raw beats reign @ Waregem, Belgium! It's time to celebrate "Into the Dark Lands", which is the very own record label party of [b]Dark Descent[/b], hosted by New Electronic Order. I will be playing a DJ-set there, other artists who will be giving you serious ear damage are: Embrionyc, Razor Edge, Sei2ure, The Relic, Raum 107, T.P.R.O.E., Carnage, Cluster and Sound Abuse. Also, the first 50 visitors will receive ... Read more
18 Dec 2012

62_intersection.jpg I will be playing at Intersection on 26 January in Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL). Intersection is a new party concept for styles like Drum & bass and Industrial hardcore Crossbreed, and is the idea of several party-minded people from the TOA-topic (The Outside Agency fan topic) on the forum of, myself included. Headliner will be The Outside Agency (2 hour set!) followed by myself as Warchetype aka Mental Wreckage and a talented selection o ... Read more
22 Nov 2012
New track on Sarin Assault Album

61_redreign.jpg Sarin Assault's new album "Red Reign" is finished and will be hitting the stores around the end of December. It will be a pretty diverse album, varying from 139 to 258 BPM and also includes several collaboration tracks with Deathmachine (UK), Fiend (USA), Nawoto Suzuki (JP), Akira, The Relic and me. Red Reign will be released on Sarin Assault's own record label KTR Productions Ltd. and comes in two different versions; CD (11 tracks) or Digital (1 ... Read more
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